Sec Filing Services

PsiKnowLogix's XBRL filing service is a full-service solution providing conversion of the financial statements of your company into XBRL formats that are compliant with the SEC, US GAAP as well as IFRS taxonomies. As we provide all-inclusive services, our clients are relieved from hiring and training new staff. We do not have hourly fees or hidden charges. Our clients enjoy the cost savings while our dedicated project managers host and manage your XBRL filing from start to finish.


iXBRL refers to Inline XBRL and is a format that allows filers to embed XBRL data directly into a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) document. The iXBRL format has the potential to provide a number of benefits to companies and users of the information. iXBRL could decrease filing preparation costs, improve the quality of structured data, and by improving data quality, increase the use of XBRL data by investors and other market participants.


We are very familiar with the EDGAR system, its updates, and the EDGAR HTML coding language and requirements. This familiarity and our expertise give our clients the most professional approach to their filings. We check each page three times before sending a proof to ensure that it is accurate. In addition to that, we make sure that your filing has the most professional appearance as possible by including quality enhancements such as row shading, hyperlinking, graphic insertions and more. Our experts are capable of adding any and all quality enhancements as permitted by SEC rules. Ask us and you'll find that it most likely can be done.

Mutual Funds

PsiKnowLogix serves the Mutual Fund registrants who need to file their regulatory statements under Rules 485 and 497 with the SEC in XBRL format. We file Risk / Returns summary in XBRL format and do the professional review of tagged XBRL reports. Our associates are an expert in designing prospectus, registrations and annual statements in HTML/EDGAR formats. All of our services are processed securely with documented controls to comply with SOX requirements. Our team can tag your filings using any of the existing commercial XBRL tagging software; or, we can tag using our preferred commercial software.